Cloud based safety monitoring of your people working alone

We help you get a complete safety network on your existing devices: detect, monitor, locate and respond

Work Alone Safety Made Easy

Check-in monitoring & Emergency Notification

SafetyLine is an automated work alone safety monitoring solution. It is one simple package to help you meet safety regulations and protect your lone workers. Your workers will regularly check-in report that they’re okay. But if there is an emergency, they can hit panic or just let a timer run out and SafetyLine starts calling for help. It is pro-active and doesn’t rely on being able to reach and press a panic button.

Pick your Own Devices

Smartphones, satellite, telephones, computers and tablets – SafetyLine lets you use them all. With SafetyLine you don’t need an expensive dedicated safety monitoring device. Simply use the hardware you already have to monitor and notify.

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Find your People Quickly

GPS, voice messages, profiles & defined procedures make resolving a problem… not a problem!

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